About Roz

Biographies are so formal. So instead, a list of random stuff about me!

  • I’m going to be talking frankly about some personal things, so I’ve adopted a pseudonym for myself, and all others I speak about will also have their names changed to respect their privacy. My name is Rosamunde Hayes Woodward. You can call me Roz!
  • I’m 34, female, and live in a quirky apartment with my partner Neal and our two cats. In the past I’ve also owned dogs, and I’m sure I will again in the future. (The future might also contain horses, goats and chickens.)
  • I grew up in New Jersey, lived in Maryland for two years, Michigan for thirteen years, and just moved to West Virginia in January. I’ve traveled to most states on the East Coast, plus Colorado, Oregon and California. I’ve also visited Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Europe is on my to do list, especially the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.
  • I’m passionate about nature, animals, trees, mountains, rivers… you get the picture. I’m seriously considering going back to school to (finally get my BS and) get into conservation/environmental work.
  • I was raised Roman Catholic, but questioned myself right out of  it (and Christianity as a whole) in my late teens. I then went through an exploratory phase that included Wicca, Buddhism and Taoism before settling on (non-Wiccan) Germano-Celtic paganism. Over the years I have continued to learn and explore and refine my path. My beliefs and practices are quite eclectic, but some labels that work well include: devotional animist, contemplative mystic, shamanic journeyer, folk magic practitioner, word weaver and perpetual adventurer.

I’m sure some of these will come up in more detail as I write, but this should give you a high-level idea of just whose words you will be reading!