Talismanic Jewelry

I mentioned previously that I have a thing for talismanic jewelry, and that those with the interest and the observational skills could “read” what I wear to glean a bit of what is going on in my life. But that doesn’t mean that my appearance screams, “occult,” or even “hippie.” In many ways, I’m just like everyone else. My use of talismans isn’t something I do to advertise anything, but it is very much about making everyday things, like jewelry, have meaning. And leveraging that meaning.

To try and explain exactly what I mean, here’s a run down of my current everyday pieces:

  • A small pair of natural garnet stud earrings. The gemstones are rough, and were found by the same person who made them into earrings. I’m not someone who does a lot of work with crystals and gemstones, but there are two gemstones that I have built relationships with and work for me. One is garnet; I find it great for supporting courage, the more active form of courage that involves doing. I wear it to support my learning of the ropes at my new job and my desire to go back to school. It helps keep me going even in the face of obstacles. The other gemstone is aquamarine. It also supports courage, but the more passive kind, that has to do with being, or even surrender. I keep a chunk of tumbled but unpolished aquamarine in my purse. It’s unique texture makes it a good worry or fidget stone.
  • Two narrow, hammered sterling bangles. Both are stamped on the inside: one with, “Soften Into Kindness,” and the other with, “Express Gratitude.” These are intentions I am doing my best to hold in my relationship with Neal. The bangles remind me of them, when I feel them move on my forearm and jingle against one another as I go about my business. Sometimes I get very swept up in my own world, and lose sight of the important things. These help me to keep my attention on the things, and people, that matter most, especially when life gets challenging.
  • A magically crafted compass rose talisman pendant. I spoke a little bit before about why this symbol feels resonant to me. It has a lot to do with knowing where I stand in relationship to everything else, with sussing out my direction and next steps, and in listening to the call: finding and moving towards True North. All of it feels very relevant to my life right now, having undergone huge changes and anticipating still more on the horizon. This is the deepest energy I want to work with, and the most overarching, and so it gets the spot over my heart.
  • At work I wear a lanyard with my work keys and ID on it. To it I’ve also attached a silver casting of a bobcat claw. The bobcat is the mascot of the college at which I work, and it’s also been a helping spirit with which I have worked before. Bobcat is a spirit that has much to do with matters of my heart. But weaving that aspect in with my workplace, where there is already an existing link via the mascot, I hope to make my work into work I love.

So, you can see there is a lot of energy at work! But on the surface, nothing jumps out. In fact, I’d say I’m actually pretty understated in my appearance. To me, it’s all about the meaning.


My compass rose is my second purchase from Tveir Hrafnar. His work is impeccable, and I highly recommend him. My other pieces came from sellers on Etsy. Etsy is a collection of artisans of all types, and if you need something special or custom made, you can often find someone to work with here. Just be warned, it can be addictive! (I have a wee problem, but I’m taking a hiatus from shopping here, I swear!) Here are the shops of the makers of my earrings, bangles, bobcat claw and work lanyard, in case you are intrigued.


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