So, I’ve lived here for over six months, have had a real job for a few weeks, but yet, often this life doesn’t feel like it’s mine. Sometimes I still feel like this extended vacation from reality is ending soon, and I’ll be going back to my old life. I know it’ll take a while for a new sense of normality to take hold. Especially since there is still a lot to learn about my job, and since our apartment is really only a stop along the way to making a real home here.

I am very thankful for my spiritual practices and connections, as they have been lifesavers; providing a sense of continuity and groundedness that keeps me much more balanced than I could ever hope to be without them. This might surprise Neal, since he’s weathered more than a few bouts of my tears as I navigate all this change. That’s just how I roll, dear.

So I’ll just keep waking up and stepping outside to see mountains, until that feels normal to me. I’ll keep going to work at a charming private college until it feels normal to me. And I’ll keep bewildering my partner until it feels normal to him!


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