The Sorcery of Public Radio

One of the side effects of my moving to West Virginia was my discovery of public radio. Sure, I knew of its existence before, but faced with so many other choices, it wasn’t something I had explored. With less radio choices in WV, I finally gave public radio a chance.

And I totally loved it. Not just the NPR bits, though those are cool, but the regional and local coverage is awesome. Especially as someone new to the area, getting Appalachian and West Virginian news and culture has been so very precious to me. I love learning about my new home, and this lets me feel really connected.

The sense of connection permeates much of public radio coverage. I am frequently moved, to the point of laughter or tears, and I’ve never gotten that with any other news coverage or with any other radio station. I’m profoundly grateful and a faithful convert!

Once I landed my new job I noticed that my employer is also a sponsor, which is awesome. But hearing their ad also triggered a rather magical thought process. In my mind’s eye, I imagine that public radio listeners are generally well-educated and well-employed. I became a listener. I landed a job that is rewarding and challenging work with awesome fringe benefits, including a way to pursue my degree – letting me become well-educated and well-employed. Coincidence?

I’ve never been much of a believer in coincidence. And social scientists of all flavors know that the “fake it until you make it” technique really works. So, while I won’t flat it call it sorcery (albeit rather unintentional on my part), I can definitely remain open to the possibility that I have benefited from the magic of public radio.

Check it out for yourself: West Virginia Public Radio and National Public Radio.



One thought on “The Sorcery of Public Radio

  1. Great post. NPR and public radio have made a huge impression and impact on my life. I went to see the Moth Radio Hour at Wharton Center in May. It was a great experience as was seeing This American Life several years ago. I’m so grateful it’s accessible most everywhere I go.


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