A Creature of Habit

I took a week off between jobs, to get my car serviced, my hair cut, and have a bit of fun besides. I’ve driven past Tamarack plenty of times, but always when in serious travel mode, so I never actually took the time to check it out. I did so in my downtime, and it’s really cool! It’s like a giant handmade in WV gift store. Some things are pricey (especially textiles and fine art), but lots of things are still affordable. I did the most damage in the book section (books about WV and/or written by West Virginians) and the WV food and drink section (locally made mead, score!). Their cafe also has yummy and affordable food for those on the road and tired of fast food.

A different day I found a cute little clothing store that is close to home, carries my size, and is affordable, a Holy Grail in this rural state. It was a nice little break from routine.

I’ve just finished up my first week at my new job. It may sound like I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, but the place is awesome! The perks I’m most enjoying and/or looking forward to are: no snack machine in my building (low willpower); a pretty, walkable, treed campus; the library; the fitness center (exercise equipment and yoga classes); the meditation chapel (24/7 quiet time, and a local Quaker Meeting uses this twice a month, I might check them out); the shorter commute; awesome paid time off; and the tuition waiver. As far as the actual work goes, it’s totally doable. I think I’ll blow their minds with my Excel skills (which I promise are only average, but I’m replacing someone who had NONE). I still have to learn the ropes though, figure out what needs doing when, and how. Overall I’m still geeked, and it all compensates for the underwhelming salary.

Having broken routine for a week, and still learning what my new one will be, my writing has gone by the wayside a bit. Once I get some more miles under my belt and figure out the new normal, I’ll be back to cranking out posts!


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