Symbols, Sigils & Talismans

I have always been attuned to the power of symbols. My Christian upbringing focused on one, but when I started my spiritual explorations and settled into paganism, my symbolic language expanded. Symbols that resonated for me were certain animals, the Celtic triquetra, the medicine wheel, the Tree of Life, and on and on. Some of the symbols that were tied to my deepest beliefs I wear on my skin as tattoos, but I am more likely to wear them as talismanic jewelry. When I need to bring the energy of a symbol into my day to day life, on goes the pendant. One who is curious, asks, and remembers could learn to read the language of my jewelry and what might be going on beneath the surface of my life!

I was introduced to the concept of sigils by following the works of Sarah Anne Lawless, aka the Witch of Forest Grove. Through one of her blog posts she introduced me to the works of Tveir Hrafnar. And this was happening around the time the Listening and Leaping dance was crystalizing in my mind. Out of that potent mix came this symbol:

leap taker

It had the feel of a sigil, and it haunted me, and it wanted to be born. Since Tveir Hrafnar does custom work, I reached out to him. He worked with me, honoring my concept drawing but also bringing to bear his years of experience in sigil crafting and silver smithing. About 6 weeks later, I got this baby in the mail:



The picture is from my cell phone and doesn’t do the pendant justice. It’s gorgeous and potent and substantial. It will definitely keep me company when I head into my next big Leap!

The most recent symbol that’s been talking to me is the compass rose. Something about knowing where I stand and what direction I’m heading is really resonating right now. Check out these interesting variations I turned up in a Google search. My impulse is to head straight to tattoo, but I’m too much of a planner to jump in the deep end that way. Instead I will just sit with this symbol and see if it’s resonance is temporary, a product of my current circumstance, or if it’s more lasting. Don’t think I haven’t noticed that Tveir Hrafnar has one in their repertoire, though!


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