First Sight

For me, love at first sight doesn’t really apply to romantic partners. I need to get to know someone at a deeper level to really love them in that way. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t fallen head over heels for something before.

Each of my pets were pretty much love at first sight. It was either the way they clung to me with their claws when I held them, or the way they wagged their tail with such joy, or the way their soulful brown eyes spoke to me. ❤

The last thing I fell for was West Virginia. I think it’s a pretty interesting story. I have driven through WV plenty of times when travelling from my home in MI to visit my family in FL for the winter holidays. Driving in the mountains made me nervous, especially in winter. One of the benefits of blazing your own spiritual path and having it include animism is that if something external intimidates you, you can enter into direct relationship with it. So I made a deal with the Appalachian Mountains. I would thank them for their hospitality, beauty, and power when I was passing through, and they would watch over and protect me while I was on the road in their territory. And I could feel it. Driving in the mountains in winter now feels the same as driving anywhere else in winter.

Then I met my now partner online, and he lived in West Virginia. And I actually visited the place, instead of just passing through. And not touristy stuff or just his apartment. I spent an evening on top of a hill stargazing. I spent an afternoon amid the trees and beside a creek with a campfire. I fell in love with the land. At one of those campfires, the flames were hot and a rock in the fire exploded, sending a chunk with golden flecks to land at my feet. A gift and a sign and an invitation to stay. So I did. ❤

the invitation


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