Guilty Pleasure

The one guilty pleasure I have that’s so good that I don’t feel guilty about it anymore is having a pajama day. This is a weekend day that starts off with sleeping in (my workday up and at ’em time is 5:30 am, so sleeping in for me ends up being between 9 and 10 am) and lets me stay in my pajamas all day long. No leaving the house. No errands or commitments or visitors. Just solid down time.

The sleeping in bit has to do with me staying well rested, something I refuse to feel bad about. I am an introvert, which means that most social situations (including most workplaces) take energy out of me and I need quiet alone time to recharge my batteries. Pajama days are the practice I have developed to set boundaries around my self care.

And if you really need to see me, you’re welcome to. But don’t expect me to be wearing (non-pajama) pants!


2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure

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  2. I have a friend who does this! She called me the other day and told me she was on vacation the last week and was actually sleeping and watching movies and her cartoon channel for days now, not wanting to go anywhere! I am such a hyper person and it’s so hard for me to stay in bed, even when I’m ill. I do love relaxing, but was always made to feel like I had to be working all the time. I’m going to try this at home!


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