Striking a Balance

Listening and Leaping do not happen in a vacuum. Everyday life doesn’t stop for us to figure things out or make changes (though I often wish it did!). There are some practices that we can weave into our day to day to complement and support our spiritual paths and the changes flowing through our lives. Here are a few:

  • Humor – Laughter is a great outlet for many things, and lightens what can be a heavy process. Maintain a sense of humor around your life path. Things will do awry, embrace the surprises with laughter! I know that can be easier said than done, so if it’s not coming to you naturally, seek it out. Hang out with people that make you laugh. Watch comedy. Surround yourself with adorable baby animals. Whatever works!
  • Rest – The surest way to turn me into a grump is to short me on sleep. Long gone are my college days when I could get by on 4 hours of sleep, or less. For me, 7 is the minimum, 8 is better, and on the weekends I can sleep in for 10 hours. It’s just what I need. Being well-rested gives me a foundation of emotional stability to let me better handle whatever comes. Give up the glorification of busy. Feed your brain sleep.
  • Play – This is one of the tips that I really need to embrace more myself. As “grown-ups,” many of us have become disconnected from the idea of play. Dr. Stuart Brown has done some great research about why that disconnect is harming us. For me, the one activity that really fits the concept of play is spending time with horses. I rode horses from the age of 10 through 18, and from there fell away from it. It was never about competing, I never entered a single show. But I would sweep that barn from one end to the other and muck stalls until my arms fell off. I did it purely for love and joy. And I miss it. Now that I’m living a more rural life, I hope to find a way to add horses back to my life. What do you do strictly because you love it? Are you getting enough of it?

(Yeah, I kinda have a thing for bullets…)


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