Instead, A Little Magic

I know I was planning on full steam ahead, but today didn’t go quite as expected. My day job was frantic and I’m mostly tapped out of energy. I applied for a job on Monday that I would love, but is a bit of a stretch (they really want a degree that I don’t have, but I have lots of experience and am a quick learner).

So, I came home, cried out my frustrations, hugged my partner, petted my cats, and got to work on a bit of folk magic to see if the spirits would help me land this job. So I invited in the relevant spirits, set out the stones, and made offerings of flame, grain, honey and smoke.


If the frenetic pace at the day job continues, my posting pace might ease up a bit. But never fear, I am committed to this blog!


My altar “at rest.”


My sometimes assistant.



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