Truth and Resonance

Quieting the mind can be an uphill battle. Even the skilled are likely to have mind chatter seep in, or become distracted by some external stimulus. So when we are Listening, how do we sort and sift through what we hear?

I use the word truth when I talk about the goal of Listening. Truth is different than fact. Facts are objective, scientifically verifiable and very much the realm of the brain. Truth is more personal, and can speak to the brain, but also speaks to the heart, soul and gut. For me it is a truth that I have spirits that partner with me in guiding my life. I can’t prove it, but I don’t need to – I know it in my bones.

Recognizing truth is hard to describe, but the best word I’ve come across is resonance. Christina Pratt of Why Shamanism Now describes this resonance process as the plucking of a “truth cord.” She envisions this truth cord as being rooted in the center of the Earth, running up through the center of your body, and tying in to the Great Wisdom Above. When you hear truth, it is as if someone has strummed this cord. You recognize truth on a vibrational level.

When something is true for me, I can feel it in my heart, like a puzzle piece clicking into place. I can feel it in my gut, verified by my instincts. Sometimes my brain is on board, sometimes it’s puzzled or downright resistant, but that’s why it’s not in charge of this process. In time it usually comes into line!

When we are Listening it is this resonance we are looking for. Surface thoughts can go on by, but when we feel something strike that chord, we sit up and take notice. Pay attention to this resonance when you are reading this blog, too! It can help you identify what might work best for you.

Tomorrow we’ll explore some different sources of truth and how we can connect with them.


3 thoughts on “Truth and Resonance

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