Rolling With The Punches

Let’s talk frankly. Change takes a lot out of a person. I have been through so many changes in such a relatively brief period of time that I am pretty much operating at my limit. I need a lot of downtime to make it through my day to day life intact. Pushing myself too hard or fast leaves me overwhelmed, emotional, and hypersensitive.

I have experienced depression before, and so I can recognize what I feel as both similar and different. I also have way more tools at my disposal than I did before, thank goodness. I know that this is largely situational and will pass. I know that it’s important for me to get plenty of rest and downtime, to feel my feelings instead of denying them or bottling them up, and that I have a support network that has my back.

So, have a quiet and relaxing weekend. I’m going to savor my own bit of quiet for a few days. I’ll be back on Monday!


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