A Recipe for Listening

When we use the word listening in everyday life, it’s something we take for granted. Something creates a sound, and our ears receive it and pass it on to the brain. But we all know plenty of people that presumably hear the sounds but that’s where it stops! So clearly, there is more at work here than an unconscious biological function. This is even more true when we are trying to Listen for something deeper.

It helps to start with quiet. Depending on where you live and your lifestyle, finding quiet can be a challenge! However I’ll go over some ways to cultivate quiet, both internally and externally. If you are an introvert, you might find these practices come to you naturally, as quiet is something already important to your well-being. If you tend more towards extroversion, things might start off feeling a bit alien, but give them a try – you might be surprised!

The next part is defining what we are Listening for. I call it truth. But that is different than fact, and it’s something that the heart and body can do a better job of recognizing than the brain. We’ll spend some time with this idea and learning how to recognize it.

The last two parts are connecting, or tuning in, and Listening practices. If we are not listening to external sound vibrations, just what are we Listening to? Truth can come from different sources, and I’ll touch base on a few; the ones that work best for me. And at the heart of the matter are the actual Listening practices. Once we’ve set the stage, and understand what we are Listening for and from where, we must then make ourselves receptive. There are several techniques I’ve used with varying degrees of success, and I’ll talk about each, as I believe personal preference plays a part in what works for each individual.

The Living part of this blog is for all the little things that don’t necessarily fall into the Leaping or Learning categories. I’ll try to mix these in as I go, as they are not sequential but still very important. Come back tomorrow as I examine quiet and talk about how to get more of it!


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