The Listening/Leaping Dynamic

I probably wouldn’t be so prone to self-reflection if it didn’t serve up a juicy insight every once and a while. With all the changes I’ve been riding out and a birthday in the rear-view mirror, I had one of those revelations that shifts your perspective. Just a little tweak, the ability to see a previously hidden layer, but suddenly the landscape makes much more sense than it did before.

I have come a long way, and on the surface not a whole lot if it makes sense (or what passes for it in today’s world). But beneath the surface, the main drivers for me have been:

  • Learning to Listen for my truth; and
  • Taking Leaps of faith based on that truth.

If this dynamic has served me well (even if I didn’t see it in the moment, but only in hindsight), why not share it with others? That’s how this blog was born. 🙂

It seems very important that these two things are closely paired. Listening and never acting on it is just gaining knowledge for knowledge’s sake. It’s very much the stereotypical “navel gazer.” You run the risk of living a very contained life, shut off from connection and joy and love. I have gotten hung up here more than once! Leaping without Listening is the dare-devil’s road. It’s a lot of risk without a clear idea of the reward. Without any grounding in truth, this carries all the pitfalls of casino gambling.

The sequence of things matters, too. I have taken Leaps without really Listening first. That those worked out OK has more to do with luck and guardian angels than it does with any skill on my part! When I was 20 I moved from Maryland to Michigan to live with a man 15 years my senior that I met online. Romantically it didn’t work out, but we’re still best friends, so luckily I have no regrets. I still highly recommend Listening first, then Leaping. Listening after the fact will teach you to learn from your mistakes, certainly, but why learn the hard way if you don’t have to? (You will still make mistakes and learn the hard way, that is just how life works. But to me it makes sense to minimize the pain of the school of hard knocks!)

In the next post I’ll outline the main elements of Listening and lay out the plan for digging deep into each one, with plenty of practices to explore along the way!


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