Hello, World!

In the past year I have gotten divorced, quit my job and moved 500 miles to a new state where I only knew one person. I have been terrified a lot of the time. And yet, I’m happy.

Those big changes, and the ones still to come, were/are just outward manifestations of a lot of personal and spiritual work. I have always been the self-reflective type. I have always felt that there was something I was missing, something more out there for me. That calling has lead me to people and wisdom I could not have imagined. Every step paved the way for the next. Every learning provided a tool I needed to live my real life.

My latest course of study has shown me that I should own what I have experienced and learned. That I should claim my voice. Sure, I still have gremlins that say, “Who are you to speak up? Who are you to think you carry wisdom?” But I am learning to put them in their place.

So my latest Leap is to put this out there. To share what I have to offer. Perhaps it will help someone. Maybe they will learn from my mistakes, or pick up a new way to Listen, or be encouraged to take their own Leaps. Maybe it will just give them a laugh or two. Either way, come along on my next adventure!


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